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This is Salts 10ml Mamak Series is our creamy series that contains multiple beverage that you usually will order from the mamak.
This series is definitely a must have for your breakfast vaping.

Sirap bandung

Sirap bandung consists condesed milk flavoured with rose codial syrup. try it now and let the rose blossom in your mouth

Teh Tarik bg.jpg
teh tarik.png

Teh Tarik

Teh tarik provides you the perfect balance of sweet milk and tea flavours. you can now enjoy your favourite daily beverage in a premium vape juice!

Nextlo bg.jpg


Nextlo gives you the perfect combination of bold, strong based of coffee with notes of chocolate and milk. it satisfies all your cravings just in a bottle.

Coco Dinosaur bg.jpg

coco dinosaur

Our coco dinosaur captures that mild, melty coco flavor and milk at just the right pitch. you will enjoy amazing, rich vapor that hits the spot every time.

Kopi bg.jpg


Kopi offering soft fluffy clouds of silky coffee and fresh cream. indulge in the warm and creamy blend of coffee and milk in every cloud!

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