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This is Salts 30ml Fruity Series is our first series of e-juice since 2015! 
It's fruity flavor definitely give a blast to everyone who have ever taste it!

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This Is Salts Strawberry 30 ML comes with wonderfully sweet and slightly sour, it give you the perfect combination of pure sweetness strawberry make you feels cool when you inhales.

This Is Salts Lychee 30 ML a tropical scene of sweetness of our Lychee flavour blend along with the taste of tangy. Refreshing fruit make you feels like a real lychee.

This Is Salts Peach 30 ML are sweet, rich in aromatic essences and low-calorie fruits. It give you a taste like in real organic farming with combination of sweetness and the smoothness of this juicy fruit!

This Is Salts Mango 30 ML a tropical floral blend along with sweetness and delightful ripen mango.  A perfect choice for you with the juicy taste and refreshing fruit!

This Is Salts watermelon 30 ML are strong enough to keep sweet from being over pouring, a mouthful watery taste with the tangy of watermelon. It give you taste like in summer season of sweet watermelon flavour.

This Is Salts Pomegranate 30 ML fruits pleasant taste with the slight tangy and tartness taste is not at all strong , a taste of fruit can slightly vary depending on the ripeness of the fruits.

This Is Salts Passion Fruit 30 ML taste of mixture combination with rich , passionate flavour and aroma of this tropical delight with Passion fruit. It makes you feel like in Tropicana four season.

This Is Salts Grape 30 ML blended from freshly grown grapes that are equally sweet and tangy. It’s make you taste a real fruity grape with the sweetness on every puff you vaping.

This Is Salts Blueberry 30 ML blend along with the taste of juicy berries and tartness flavour . A natural taste combined with sweetness that make blueberry delicious and addictive.

This Is Salts Root Beer 30 ML absolute best root beer flavour that you’ll ever tasted!! Our Root beer taste just like the actual drinks!! Have a sip taste like a real carbonate drinks when you inhale on every puffs.

This Is Salts Spearmint 30 ML will add extra freshness in your mouth when you inhale on every puff you vaping. Have a try of the shockingly chill blast of spearmint. It delicate flavour and fragrance that is often described as sweet.

This Is Salts Honeydew 30 ML has a lighter flavour , the texture differs depending on how ripe the flavour. a perfect balance between the smoothness and the sweetness of the Honeydew will make you feels mix taste of flavour.

This Is Salts Guava 30 ML a perfect balanced of smooth and sweet of PINK guava flavour. The unique taste come with the sweetness and sourness essence of fruity.

This Is Salts Apple 30 ML delivers a powerful intensifying, juiciness and sweetness of the apple flavour. When you inhale of apple flavour, saturates the tongue with fresh and sweet makes you taste
delightful of apple fruity.

This Is Salts Banana 30 ML are given you taste like real banana fruit with the slightly of sweetness and tartness of fruit. You will never get enough of our tropical Banana flavor.

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