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Why you choose This Is Salts ?

Establish in 2018, We have been preparing our highest quality products for our elite customers and personalizing our products with brand, name and emblem for you. We aim to inspire the community by showing it is possible to quit smoking and start vaping to give satisfaction to customers and the community in a long term and sustainable way. A various of products will make you choose such as Disposable Pod, e-juices, HTPC, Closed Pod and cartridge that will you give you satisfaction with every puffs.  


The Beginning of This Is Salts

This Is Salts was founded on year 2019, launched a wide range of products, such as e-juices, cartridge, close pod system, devices, open pod system, disposable pods, HTPC(High Throat Hit Pod Compatible), and Freebase in the next 3 years.

As a company, we have all our products quality examined and verify with specialist. We also have our flavor tested regularly to make sure the product we release on market are on the top quality. This Is Salts brand is one of the most popular vape brand among Malaysia, and have the overseas market such as Thailand, Maldives and Indonesia as well.

This Is Salts target is to commit a consistency product quality for our customers, with a superior range of product with the superb quality.


​This Is Salts can be purchased from all retail stores in Malaysia, no matter West or East Malaysia.

Our Products

We provide a quality product with variety of fruity flavors and creamy. Also, It’s a rechargeable pod with a sleek design and It is convenient to create the best experience while vaping.
We did our research for e-juices before we launching our product to give wonderful taste and an enjoyable throat hit while requiring little if any maintenance. All you have to do is choose the right one.
We also provide warranty (Factory defect only) for our beloved customer to give satisfaction and quality.

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